Thyroid nodule diagnosis used to be a time of uncertainty.
Up to 30%
of FNA biopsies did not clearly show whether the nodule was cancerous or not1
The majority
of these cases used surgery to get a clear diagnosis1
About 75%
of these surgeries were proven unnecessary, as the nodules turned out to be benign1
Now, there is an advanced diagnostic test to reduce that uncertainty and avoid unnecessary surgery.1
Molecular testing was developed in order to add more clarity to the diagnostic process, and is supported by trusted guidelines from the American Thyroid Association (ATA) and the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN).2,3
The Afirma test is an advanced diagnostic test that can help you avoid
unnecessary thyroid surgery or confidently customize your care plan.4,5
When to expect the Afirma test in your diagnostic journey
The Afirma test has helped over 150,000 patients.4,5
Ask for the
Afirma test
Your thyroid nodule diagnosis experience is all about you. Make sure you and your doctor collect all of the necessary information as you plan your path forward.
Before you get an FNA biopsy, prepare yourself with the right questions to ask your doctor by downloading our Discussion Guide.
Access & Support
Veracyte is committed to providing all patients with access to
the Afirma test, regardless of their personal financial situation.
Broad Coverage
And Low Cost Sharing

Covered by Medicare5 with $0 out-of-pocket
and covered by most commercial payers
(over 260 million patients)5

Commitment To Patient Access

The Veracyte Access Program minimizes or
eliminates out-of-pocket costs for all eligible
uninsured and commercially insured patients

Patient Stories
Hear from real people about the complications and lifelong effects of unnecessary thyroid surgery and the value of having access to the Afirma test.
Find a Doctor
for the Afirma test
If you have, or suspect that you have, a thyroid nodule and would like to find a doctor in your area who performs the Afirma test, simply fill out the information form here. You will receive an email shortly with a list of practices in your area that offer the Afirma test.
References: 1. Patel KN, et al. JAMA Surg. 2018. 2. Haugen BR, et al. Thyroid 2016. 3. NCCN Thyroid Carcinoma Clinical Practice Guidelines, v1. 2017. 4. Ali SZ, et al. Cancer Cytopathol. 2019. 5. Data On File.